Queen Hadassah Textured Hair

Queen Hadassah Textured Hair

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The Hadassah line is one of Afro pride. Gentle kinks and curls take the stage for hair that can be worn without closures or straightening your natural hair. This is about hair that conforms to you. Not the other way round.

Queen Hadassah Texture Line comes in Afro Straight and Afro Coil for now, however at Salon ABV we go above and beyond and are able to analyse your kinks, kurls or koils to ensure and exact match in you bundle. This will allow you to eave as much hair as you want out safe in the knowledge that your hair is supremely matched.

Queen Hadassah Afro Straight - Specially steamed to recreate the kinky texture of Afro-Caribbean hair. Micro kinks in each strands means the hair resembles blow dried Afro hair or air dried relaxed hair.

Queen Hadassah Afro Curl - Specially Steamed line that has the micro curls that mimics 4a-4b hair perfectly.

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